This little pen is great, but probably not worth a full review!  It came to me via a group buy on FPUK organised by the wonderful Apurva Robertson who is the queen of flex nib pens – this is one of her recommendations for a starting point in modern flex, along with its sister model, the Himalaya V2.  (This pen is slightly chunkier so suited my big hands better!)  

It took about 2 weeks to come and arrived without significant packaging or fuss. The finish is… basic… a few scratches in the ebonite that can easily be polished off, a bit of machine grit in the threads – and a feed that definitely wanted cleaning before first use.  But at £35 for an ebonite, full flex pen, that is totally fine!  

The trim is simple polished plated steel, the nib is two-tone full flex steel (called ultraflex), the section is short but comfy and the cap is screw thread – 2.5 turns.  It weighs next to nothing and was supplied with a basic but adequate international converter. It sits nicely in the hand, is neutral in balance and unexciting in appearance.  But once you ink this baby up, the nib has a CRAZY amount of flex, and thats the reason you want it: its smooth enough, I haven’t really railroaded yet even with a dryish ink, no skips, and I think I could write for hours.  This is going to be great to practice modern calligraphy with, maybe do some swatching labels, and even for some funcky line variation when I write letters to friends and family – I am sure it’ll get loads of use!  

If you buy one of these – don’t go for any other nib than the ultraflex – there’s no point.  If you want a standard nib i the UK there are plenty of cheaper better options.  But for flex…. oh my!  This is FUN! And at very little expense! 

So thats all there is to say.  A simple, basic pen, but with an amazingly flexy and acceptably smooth nib for £35ish?  Hopefully that is really tempting! 

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