I wrote this short essay a few weeks back as part of the #FountainPenChallenge for January 2021. Its my journey, though 2020 one month at a time based on a single memory or snapshot of time.  It allowed me to re-contextualise what in many ways felt like an incredibly difficult year and reminded me of the need to always be grateful for what life gives you. 

Warning:  some of the content could “trigger” those of a more sensitive nature so consider this before you proceed.

The “nibliography” is at the end of the piece – I hope you get something out of reading it: an insight into the life of a doctor in the COVID crisis, the balance of life vs work in an NHS career or to know me a bit better.  No people, places, areas have been named, deliberately.  

(Click to enlarge in gallery view – it should be roughly like reading a book!)