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Pens are a very visual as well as tactile experience; all my my reviews feature high quality photography of the pens or products taken in a lightbox, and I also photograph and publish my handwritten review notes to show actual writing with the pen.  I will start to make writing videos in due course as well!  I’m also keen for readers to get to know the people and processes behind any pens & inks so will write about these whenever I can 

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I am fully & gainfully employed and do not review or blog for a living.  While I am happy to accept products for free, where this occurs I will always be clear about this in my written review and I won’t let freebies influence my opinion if I can help it.  When reviewing any product or item I am at least as interested in the person or people behind it, as I am in the pen, ink or stationery itself and will talk about individuals, design process, communications and customer service as much as about items themselves, if it has a bearing on the end user experience, or is interesting and relevant to the review.

I will never publish a review without sharing honest feedback or opinions with those who have supplied items or supported the review process; the end point of any conversations including those about negative design elements or areas for improvement willbe incorporated into the written review.

In general terms I believe in kindness, honesty and impartiality as far as is practicable so will tend to be kind and favourable in my reviews unless there is good reason not to be, but hope this will lead to positive experiences for all involved as well as interesting and useful review articles.

If anyone reading my reviews has any concerns or queries about bias, consistency, fairness or quality of my reviews, please get in touch via the “Work with Me” page. 

 scribo write here mariana deep blue

A collaboration between one of the UK’s leading specialist fountain pen retailers and one of Italy’s hottest new pen houses.  Prepare to be drawn into the depths of desire! 

 N amisu – n1 Pocket pen 

Utilitarian design and ultra tough materials should mean an excellent EDC pen.  How does this limited release from Namisu measure up?

Pineider – Arco blue bee

A reinvigorated Pineider is going for the high end market with a clever blend of classical design and a very modern material – but does it work? 

Gravitas – ben walsh designs

Brutalist design meets cutting edge fibre lasering and precision design in these very modern pens… 

SILVER BURL – Conway stewart dartmoor custom

John Sanderson of Silver Burl Customs delivers a spectacular combination of design, skill and craftsmanship in this beautiful custom designed pen using Conway Stewarts iconic Dartmoor resin…

The izods paradigm

When the UK’s foremost Montnblanc expert pairs up with one of Italy’s great pen makers, the results are sure to spectacular…

SILVER BURL pens – group review 

John Sanderson of Silver Burl Customs kindly supplied a collection of seven spectacular pens show casing real skill and talent across a huge variety of materials and design styles. 



Coming soon…

Tealbreaker – John Garnham

Ritters Writers

Visconti Homo Sapiens

Scribo Piuma

Gravitas Sentry, Pocket and Ceramite