Writing Desk

I write to keep myself sane, to come to terms with the world around me, to relax, to inspire and create.  Without writing,  I would be, quite simply an empty shell, missing something essential.  

Welcome to inky dr. jim

Although this page is mostly about fountain pens, ink and stationery,  it is inevitable that my blog will occasionally stray into thoughts about  my career – medicine, and in particular anaesthesia and prehospital care.  

I’ll do my best to keep the blog clean, focussed and not too emotive, but reader beware; you join me here at your own risk!  

It goes without saying, all views are my own and I do not speak for or represent the views of any organisations, or individuals other than myself on the following pages.  


ABout me

This is me, on any typical day off.  Happy, inky, playing with pens – writing letters or journalling, swatching inks and generally getting inky hands. (The ink on my hands in this pic is a mixture of KWZ Sheen Machine 2 and Diamine Communication Breakdown). Hence the name – Inky Doctor Jim.  

I’ve been using fountain pens my whole life, right from early school – but my real love and enthusiasm for pens and ink have really taken off in the last couple of years.  Not long after one of my parents died, I found among their things my old school pen – a Waterman Laureat in Green, with a nice medium nib.  With it, a Cross Century II that my father gave my mother for their 25th wedding anniversary.  These pens started me wondering: if 2 pens can be so different, with such different stories, lives and styles, what else is out there.  2 years later I have a collection of almost 50 pens, and have owned more than 80 in that time!  

At work, I am an anaesthetist in the NHS and an air ambulance doctor with my local air ambulance.  Elsewhere in these pages I will talk about which pens I take to work – and use daily in my NHS and air ambulance roles and also I’ll be posting occasional posts about what work I do, why i love it, what I find difficult and how writing helps me make sense of the crazy business of healthcare at the cutting edge.  

Coming back to fountain pens, gradually and especially over the last 5 years, I have come back to the realisation that penmanship, writing, legibility all stem from the light touch of nib on paper from a well balanced pen suited to your own hand; rollerballs and biros simply aren’t engineered (in the main) for this lightness of touch and finesse of writing.  

Fountain pens uk facebook group  

If you haven’t visited and joined this little community, I really urge you to do so.  Its a wonderfully warm, chatty, friendly place where you will find some of the kindest, most passionate fans of pen and ink, lots of “penablement” and inspiration if looking for a new pen or ink, advice, repairs and more.  I am privileged to be a moderator for this happy little home of the UK fountain pen community.  I hope to see you there

A Beginners guide to buying fountain pens 

This is a huge topic and not completely straightforward.  I have written a few thoughts about where to begin for those wanting to start a journey with fountain pens and ink.  I am not sponsored or funded (except by my own income!) and have no commercial interests, links or ties; therefore if I suggest a pen or supplier, its based simply on my own experience and preferences. You can find my beginners guide here